Highland Gathering


Photo for Pipe Bands
Pipe Band Competitions

Featuring some of WA's award winning Pipe Bands, the Pipe Band competitions will take place on Frog Hollow (next to Minnawarra Park).

Come the end of the day, the Pipe Bands display a powerful tribute to its Scottish ties by presenting the Massed Pipe Band procession.

This years Pipe Band competitions are organised by Pipe Bands WA. For more information about Pipe Bands WA please visit their website here.

Photo for Medieval Fair
Medieval Fair

Artisans, Blacksmiths, Knights and Ladies all await your visit into the Medieval Fair as you are transported back in time and into this hive of activity. A fine display of skill in the medieval arts and crafts, watch as the knights battle in the arena or visit the armory for your chance of some excitement.

Photo for Food Court
Food Court

There is plenty of food at the Armadale Highland Gathering. From traditional haggis and square sausage to fudge tablet and black pudding - you can try a variety of Scottish delicacies.

If these don't peak your interest we have more including, sausage sizzle, multi-cultural foods, churros, icecream and the list goes on.

Photo for children's activities
Free Children Activities

The kids can try their hands with some Scottish fun as well with loads of activities throughout the day including free boffer sword fighting, face painting and mini golf.

Highland Dancing Competitions

A competitive solo dance, Highland Dancing is one of the most vibrant events at the Gathering, where dancers of various ages dance at beginner, intermediate and premier levels.

Be sure to come and watch these accomplished competitors as they dance towards their victory.

This years Highland Dancing competitions are being held by the WA Metropolitan Regional Committee of Highland Dancing Incorporate (WAMRCHDI). For more information about the WAMRCHDI please visit their website here.

Clans Village and Market Stalls

For all things Scottish (and for fun) we have a rowdy village full of clans and market stalls.

If you have some Scottish heritage but haven't joined your ancestors clan, come and connect with your kinship.

If you want your family's Coats of Arms, Scottish novelty souvenirs, tartans, jewellery, pet treats and more, than this is the place to be.

Live performances

Live entertainment of the Scottish variety will captivate audiences throughout the Armadale Highland Gathering, including performances from highland dancers, fiddlers, and popular local band, the Jarrah Celts with their music of Celtic, Irish and Scottish descent.  Take a seat down the front, you don’t want to miss a minute.

Photo for Heavy Events
Heavy Events

The Heavy Events showcase the athletic skills of our tartan warriors as they compete in a traditional strongman competition. Visitors will bear witness to astounding strength and determination as competitors battle in the following events:

For each competition you can have a chance at winning 1st place ($100), 2nd place ($60), 3rd place ($40), 4th place ($30) or 5th place ($20), and have your name engraved on the City's Heavy Events trophies.

For your chance to be a part of the Heavy Events, please contact Jay Waller through their Facebook group.

Photo for Meet and Greet Scottish Dogs
Meet and Greet Scottish Dogs

Scottish doggies of many sizes and colours will be joining the festivities, they and their owners look forward to meeting you just across the bridge in Minnawarra Park!

Dog agility demonstrations will be held throughout the day. Always a popular display at this event, you will treated to a sporting display of experienced dogs and a few new rookies,  perform a variety of skills in the arena.

West Highland Terriers, Scottish Terries, Cairn Terries, Border Collines, Rough Collies, Shetland Sheep Dogs and Scottish Deerhounds are only some of the dogs visiting the Armadale Highland Gathering this year.

Owners are happy for you to come and enjoy their friendly doggies and find our more about these amazing breeds and how to look after them.

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