Highland Gathering


Photo for Pipe Bands
Pipe Band Competitions

Featuring some of WA's award winning Pipe Bands, the Pipe Band competitions will take place on Frog Hollow (next to Minnawarra Park).

Come the end of the day, the Pipe Bands display a powerful tribute to its Scottish ties by presenting the Massed Pipe Band procession.

This years Pipe Band competitions are organised by Pipe Bands WA. For more information about Pipe Bands WA please visit their website here.

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Pipe Band 2019 Program
9.40am WA Police Pipe Band (Grade 1 MSR)
9.55am WA Police Pipe Band (Grade 1 Medley)
10.15am Perth Metro Pipe Band #1 (Grade 2 MSR)
10.30am Perth Metro Pipe Band #1 (Grade Medley)
10.50am Coastal Scottish Pipe Band (Grade 3 MSR)
11.05am Coastal Scottish Pipe Band (Grade 3 Medley)
11.25am City of Cockburn Pipe Band (Grade 4 B Marches)
11.40am Perth Metro Pipe Band #3 (Grade 4 B Marches)
11.55am Rockingham Pipe Band
12.15pm Trinity College Pipes & Drums
12.35pm Kalamunda & Districts Pipe Band
12.55pm Perth Metro Pipe Band
1.15pm City of Cockburn Pipe Band
1.35pm Coastal Scottish Pipe Band
1.55pm Northside Highlanders Pipe Band
2.10pm Fremantle Sailing Club Pipes & Drums
2.30pm WA Police Pipe Band
2.45pm Drummers Fanfare
3.00pm Massed Pipe Band Procession
3.15pm Pipe Bands Presentations

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Photo for Medieval Fair
Medieval Fair

Artisans, Blacksmiths, Knights and Ladies all await your visit into the Medieval Fair as you are transported back in time and into this hive of activity. A fine display of skill in the medieval arts and crafts, watch as the knights battle in the arena or visit the armory for your chance of some excitement.

2019 participating groups

  • Knights of the Free Company
  • LARPwest
  • Sword Point College of Arms
  • Society for Creative Anachronism
  • The Grey Company
  • West Australian Berserkers

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Medieval Fair 2019 Program
8.30 - 8.50am Arena free (training…or anyone can grab for open use if desired)
8.50 - 9.30am Pyro Panther free boffer activities
9.30 - 10am LARPwest
10 - 10.30am Free Company
10.30 - 11am The Grey Company
11 - 11.30am Bezerkers
11.30am - 12.10pm Pyro Panther free boffer activities
12.10am - 12.30pm LARPwest
12.30 – 1pm Sword Point Association
1.30 - 2pm Free Company
2 - 2.30pm The Grey Company
2.30 - 3pm Bezerkers
3 - 3.20pm Sword Point Association
3.20 - 4pm Pyro Panther free boffer activities

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Photo for Food Court
Food Court

There is plenty of food at the Armadale Highland Gathering. From traditional haggis and square sausage to fudge tablet and black pudding - you can try a variety of Scottish delicacies.

If these don't peak your interest we have more including, sausage sizzle, multi-cultural foods, churros, icecream and the list goes on.

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2019 Food Vendors
  • Anton's Bratwurst
  • Araluen Natural
  • Café Swift
  • Churro Central
  • Jumplings
  • Lions Club of Armadale Kelmscott
  • Spicy Bites
  • Spiral Spud Stick
  • Tartan Spice
  • Suzy's Soft Serve
  • The Spud Wagon
  • Two Queens Woodfired Street Food
  • WA Spit Roast Catering

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Photo for children's activities
Free Children Activities

The kids can try their hands with some Scottish fun as well with loads of activities throughout the day including free boffer sword fighting, face painting and mini golf.

Loch Mess Monster Upcycle Challenge

The Loch Mess Monster Upcycle Challenge is a community arts initiative to engage schools located within the City in a creative recycling project. Students, with their teachers, are invited to create a sculpture from recycling materials, embodying the principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’.

Members of the public are also encouraged to vote for their favourite Loch Mess Monster. Visit the event and place a plastic bottle top (provided) it in the corresponding ballot box at the City of Armadale Waste Services marquee, located in the stallholder area. The People’s Choice Award will be announced the week following the event and the winning school will receive an annual REmida School Membership for up to 400 students, plus a new ‘Jellyfish Plastics’ workshop for 35 students using upcycling plastics equipment re-purposing plastic waste (valued at $500).

Highland Dancing Competitions

A competitive solo dance, Highland Dancing is one of the most vibrant events at the Gathering, where dancers of various ages dance at beginner, intermediate and premier levels.

Be sure to come and watch these accomplished competitors as they dance towards their victory.

This years Highland Dancing competitions are being held by the WA Metropolitan Regional Committee of Highland Dancing Incorporate (WAMRCHDI). For more information about the WAMRCHDI please visit their website here.

Clans Village and Stallholders

For all things Scottish (and for fun) we have a rowdy village full of clans and market stalls.

If you have some Scottish heritage but haven't joined your ancestors clan, come and connect with your kinship.

If you want your family's Coats of Arms, Scottish novelty souvenirs, tartans, jewellery, pet treats and more, than this is the place to be.

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Clans and Scottish societies

  • Clan Buchanan
  • Clan Davidson Society in Australia
  • Clan Donald Society of WA
  • Clan Keith
  • Clan Munro
  • Caledonian Society of WA Inc


  • Christine Gillougley
  • Fudge-A-Licious
  • Kelmscott Agricultural Show
  • Poches Apparel
  • Scottish Highland Kilts and Costumes
  • Slobberlicious
  • The House of Tartan and Granny McQueens
  • The Scottish Banner
  • Western Leathercraft
  • Westie Wear Dog Kilts

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Live performances

Live entertainment of the Scottish variety will captivate audiences throughout the Armadale Highland Gathering, including performances from highland dancers, fiddlers, and popular local band, the Jarrah Celts with their music of Celtic, Irish and Scottish descent.  Take a seat down the front, you don’t want to miss a minute.

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2019 Bands and Entertainers
9.50am Thistledoo Band
1.45pm Jarrah Celts
3.45pm Scottish Stramash

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Atlas stones 1 - Picture by Cameron Ford
Armadale Atlas Stones

Introducing the new Armadale Atlas Stones, nine reinforced concrete spheres ranging in weight from 9-161kg. Lifting stones have been a part of many European cultures as a traditional test of strength and endurance.

When lifting stones were brought to the World Strongest Man competition, they were previously known as the McGlashen Stones, Scotland’s traditional Clach cuid fir or in Gaelic, 'manhood stones'. At the 1998 World Strongest Man competition held in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the name was changed in reflection to the connection with the Greek titan Greek titan Atlas, who was condemned by Zeus to hold up the heavens for all eternity after losing a war against the Greek gods.

Brought to you by the City of Armadale through the initiative of the Armadale Highland Gathering Committee's Heavy Events Team, product made by and photo credit to Ford Strength.

Hillman Imp Cars

Can you imagine? We have all Imp cars registered in Western Australia coming to this year’s Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run! Situated on Orchard Avenue throughout the day, these beautiful cars will be on display for you to enjoy. Owners will also be available should you have any questions.

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History of Hillman Imps

The Start
In 1959, the year of the launch of the BMC Mini, Rootes Group authorised design engineers, Mike Parkes and Tim Fry, to design a small, affordable, ‘proper’ full four-seater, four cylinder, water-cooled car that could compete on the market with the small car offerings from Ford & BMC.

Four years later on the 2nd May 1963, the state-of-the-art, purpose-built, Rootes Group factory in Linwood, Paisley (a few miles to the south west of Glasgow), was officially opened by Prince Philip, and the new Hillman Imp hit the showrooms. Production ran for 13 years ending in March 1976 with a total production across all models of 440,000.

Fact: Imp cars are bigger than Minis as they have considered the designer’s personal dimensions with Mike Parkes being 6’4” tall and Tim Frey being a larger man.

Australian Imps
Imp Saloons were built in the Chrysler factory in Melbourne from boxed ‘Complete Knock Down’ kits (CKDs), sent out from Linwood. Models produced here were the Hillman Imp Standard, Deluxe & GT’s. Before releasing them to the dealers the Australian-based engineering team carried out a few modifications to improve engine cooling and address airflow driven dust grinding out the pistons.

Racing Imps
Almost from day one, Imps drew the attention of racing enthusiasts. Lightweight, high revving and with excellent road holding they were raced by many successful drivers including;

  • Andrew Cowan, winner of the 1977 London to Sydney Rally in a Rootes Group Hillman Hunter
  • George Bevan winner of the British Saloon Car Championship 3 years in a row between 1970-1972. Performed in a Hillman Imp, a feat that remains unmatched by any other driver or car.
  • Ray Calcutt with eight class wins in the mid ‘60’s plus new circuit records in class at Silverstone & Brands Hatch
  • In 1996 a Hillman Imp driven by WA-based Andy Bryson, took second place outright in the Targa Tasmania. Andy Bryson’s Imp still holds the fastest lap record at Wanneroo for Touring Cars of up to 1000cc, a lap record set in 2003.

Imps are still successfully raced today in road rallies, on the racetrack, grass track, ice circuit, drag strip, circuit racing (in space frame form) and in hill climbs.

“One of the Imp’s strongest points is its cornering power, they have always been able to out-corner the Coopers.” Alan Fraser of Alan Fraser Racing Team

The End

Plagued by early faults due to a hastened development program, the Imp was to suffer badly from lack of interest and further development by the Chrysler Corporation. Despite Chrysler’s lack of investment the unconventional and dynamic Imp was produced for 13 years, eventually being replaced by the highly conventional Hillman Avenger. In 1978 Chrysler sold out their European operations to Europe to PSA Peugeot Citroen. PSA Peugeot Citroen closed the Linwood factory in 1981.

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Photo for Heavy Events
Heavy Events

The Heavy Events showcase the athletic skills of our tartan warriors as they compete in a traditional strongman competition. Visitors will bear witness to astounding strength and determination as competitors battle in the following events:

For each competition you can have a chance at winning 1st place ($100), 2nd place ($60), 3rd place ($40), 4th place ($30) or 5th place ($20), and have your name engraved on the City's Heavy Events trophies.

For your chance to be a part of the Heavy Events, please contact Jay Waller through their Facebook group.

Photo for Meet and Greet Scottish Dogs
Meet and Greet Scottish Dogs

Scottish dogs of many sizes and colours will be joining the festivities, they and their owners look forward to meeting you just across the bridge in Minnawarra Park!

Dog agility demonstrations will be held throughout the day. Always a popular display at this event, you will treated to a sporting display of experienced dogs and a few new rookies,  perform a variety of skills in the arena.

Owners are happy for you to come and meet their friendly dog and find our more about these amazing breeds and how to look after them

If you are considering bringing your pet down to this event, please ensure your pet is on a lead at all times and you clean up after them, with the waste bags provided at the park. We also recommend you consider your pet's ability to handle large crowds, loud noises and other pets within the area.

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Dog Agility Demonstrations
10 am, 12.15 pm, 2pm

Held in the Meet and Greet Scottish Dogs area, each session lasts approx. 30 mins.
 Agility is a sport where dogs work with their owner to complete an obstacle course of ramps, hoops, weaving poles, and a see-saw. A remarkable display of companionship and teamwork as you watch the dog’s run, jump and weave through the course. Always popular with the audience, this year there will be West Highland Terries (Westies), Border Collies and Shetland Sheep Dogs (Shelties). Some are very experienced and have won national and state championships, others are newer to the sport.

Scottish Doggies Photo Booth in Meet and Greet Area 10 am – 2.00 pm

Photograph your dog in our Scottish themed photo booth for just a Gold Coin donation. You have 10 minutes to use our photo booth with 5 minutes to dress up and 5 minutes to pose and take your own photos. Props for you and your dog have been provide by Westie Wear Dog Kilts.

Happy Birthday Archibald, 11am

Guess what? It’s Archibald’s 5th birthday on Sunday 6 October! All dogs and their owners are invited to join in party games and for special doggie birthday cake. Archibald has been an adorable mascot for past Highland Gatherings.

Scottish Doggies Fancy Dress Parade Competition, 1pm

Dress up your dog in Scottish gear and enter the Fancy Dress Parade. Two prizes are up for grabs, one for overall best costume and one for the best creative effort.

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Scottish inspired tavern

Brought to you by the Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation of Western Australia, this Scottish inspired tavern is open 11am to 4.30pm by the Main Stage. Enjoy quality beverages from Scotland and the British Isles. All proceeds go back to the Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Traditions and Ceremonies

The Armadale Highland Gathering and the Perth Kilt Run is comprised of traditions of Scottish culture and previous Armadale Highland Gatherings.

Mayor’s Procession, 9am

The event begins with the Mayor’s Procession at 9am in which the City of Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones leads City Councilors, the Armadale Highland Gathering Committee and community groups responsible for making the Armadale Highland Gathering possible, to the main festivities. The Procession will march through the main event site and arrive at the Main Stage to open the Gathering and kick off the Perth Kilt Run

Address to Haggis, 11.45am

The Address to Haggis is presented at 11.45am on the main stage by Jim Anderson, one of the best presenters in WA of this tradition The Address to Haggis is a theatrical Scottish welcome that celebrates haggis and welcomes guests in the sharing of the meal. The ceremony is a poem written by Robert Burns, which praises the haggis and all who eat it and mocks those who don't.

Massed Pipe Band Procession, 3pm

The crowd will be treated to a massed pipe band procession, marching through the event site. Enjoy the sounds of over 50 bagpipes and drums harmonically resonate throughout the park in a wonderful marching display.

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